1. We are concerned, as well  bags on standard core - 76mm. Winding thes rolls by customer order.

The opportunity is to make a number of models of packaging which is suitable for smaller quantitys of bags. 
Maximum width the plastic bag is currently 1300 mm and a length of 1000 mm or more but not exceeding 6000 mm.
Possible to produce other products requiring a welding plastic film, ask me!

Our main customers are large product pakcing companys. So the best solution is for them bags on roll.

  • coffin bags: 900x2500x0,035 mm.  1100x2500x0,035 mm. microperforated bags on roll.

  • door bags:  820x2100x0,035 mm.    950x2100x0,035 mm. microperforated bags on roll.

In fact we can all plastic bags, of a width exceeding 500 mm to prepare in roll.

Narrower bags in wrapped packets.


2. We produce perforated sleaves several quantities in rolls.
For example: 1000 x 1500; 1200 x 1500 mm 

 Protective sleaves is an easy way to handle the pallet transports from the top of the incident to protect against dust and precipitation.

 Printed bags can provide large batches from 800 kg-1000 kg, the weight of the film.

  OÜ Kilekeskus